Step 1 – BCA

Business Case Assessment
Digitally or fysically, Together with the customer, Out of The Box Engineering roughly assesses the business case.
We will explain how to implement the technology and assess the financial and potential CO2 / energy savings. At the same time we will gather information in preperation for step 2. There is no charge for the consult.

Step 2 – CEG

Calculate Energy Gain
We will calculate the potential energy gain in order to make sure, that for both client and otb-engineering, the installation is financially sound and makes sense.
We will have a follow up meeting explaining the potential gain and discuss openly how to best implement the system.
For this second step we will charge a small calculation fee which we will deduct from the installation cost when the client decides to proceed with the installation.

Step 3 – Automation engineering

Open discussion with system integrator.
After establishing the gain of the system and having a clear view on the current control methodology the clients internal automation engineer or an external party to the clients choice, can sit down together to decide which protocol will be used to communicate between the CRC controller and the current control. We support Profinet, Profibus , Modbus TCP / RTU, analog, MQTT,… After agreeing on the specifics we will prepare the CRC cabinet in our own production facility, tailor made for the clients installation.

Step 4 – Project Completion 

Delivery & installation of the CRC.
After carefully planning and engineering the CRC unit we will install it on site delivering the unit according to the clients specifications. Depending on the facility this takes up to a couple of days because we want to fine tune the installation.

Step 5 – ∞ Follow up

Yearly Energy Reporting / machine health.
Every year the client will receive a detailed process report containing all the needed details to analyze and improve the machine setup further / predicting maintenance.