OTB-Engineering analyzed the municipal plant RWZI Bath at the start of 2019. This sewage water purification plant has a biological purification capacity of approximately half a million people.

It is not easy to analyze a plant this size, seeing that you have a huge amount of datasets to process along the road. However, through our smart algorithms, we are able to do so, despite the difficulties.

This didn’t only give us unprecedented insight into potential energy gains through the predictive replacement of assets and machines, it also gave us the means to make a whole new plan to lift the efficiency of the fine bubble aeration to a whole new level.

Since this analysis 2 existing valves have been swapped out with 2 recommended new valves that came out of the recommendations. The installation was at the start of 2020.

These valves and accompanying flow meters make all the difference. The results of these valves and their flow meters along with our advice is illustrated hereunder:

(Illustration shows you before and after)

  • At this moment proces has gained alot more control. And as we speak we are discussing the next steps with our client to take in order to install some exiting new proces changes.

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