Our most northern client so far in holland. A solid 4-hour drive distance between our HQ and the location of the municipal plant.
Yet with careful planning, it wasn’t all that far. Because of our expertise, we can spend 2 – 3 hours on any site and record anything with our 360° camera, making sure we don’t have to do any unnecessary travels.

For RWZI Garmerwolde, the project scope was to prepare a TCO document in such a manner, that they could use to purchase the right blower, for the right part of the plant.
This task uses one of our uniquely built algorithms. We used the site’s data to accurately predict it’s future profile.

Based on this profile we built all the technical recommendations and not the other way around as happens all too often.
This way you build the tender around what you know is going to fit best.

Comparing it to a person who walks into the car shop dealer. He knows what’s out there and what he likes. But he is not an expert in engine building or maintaining them. So logically he asks the salesman to recommend him something.

The problem always persists that the salesman is keen on moving his product and although he might want to sell what is best for this client, from his own particular brand, he is biased.

This is where OTB-Engineering comes in. We are the party that has no interest at all in selling you anything. Our sole interest is saving you money and getting you the best product, regardless the brand.

After building the tender, releasing it our client took over the hard part of seeing it through. OTB-Engineering further advised the municipality in evaluating the technical difficulties and after the order was placed we even helped FAT test the new machines.

The estimated gain in energy goes over 30% vs the previously installed blowers!

If you are also interested in replacing your own machines. Don’t hesitate to contact us.