Worlds first self-improving generic machine controller thats capable of running on a PLC.

In any process where there is more than 1 machine available to achieve a certain setpoint / process value ( Static, Dynamically or otherwise) there is an opportunity to save power / CO2 emissions through use of the CRC controller. 
Here are some of the key features:

self learning

The CRC algorithm garantees the most efficient control mathematically possible and continiously learns the realtime machine curves 

Reduced maintenance

Increased efficiency means lower maintenance cost. 

up to 40% energy reduction

We have achieved between 10% and 40% energy reduction. In most cases, depending on the specific machine setup, we have an average of 15% of saving vs an optimized cascade machine controller. 

Yearly reports

We use the data to future proof your machine setup. We make yearly reports which also include what to do to even reduce your energy consumption more.

Powered by RevPi

Our system is powered by Revolution Pi. This is a industrial computer based and built on the well known Raspberry Pi compute modules.

Programmed in Node-Red

Our applications are built in node-red.
We wanted a single point of configuration and setup for all possible machines. Node-Red gives us exactly the flexibility that we need while maintaining security and stability.